the newsletter of tbd consultants - edition 16, 4th qtr 2009

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Rainhill Trials' 180th
Heavy & Light Rail
Cal High Speed Rail
Light at End of Tunnel

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Rainhill Trials' 180th
Geoff Canham, Editor

It will be 180th anniversary in October of the Rainhill Trials, and in this article we take a quick look at this landmark event in the history of the railroads.


Heavy & Light Rail

Our cities have, and continue to be, shaped by light rail transit systems and heavy rail metro systems. Here we look at what the fundamental difference is between light and heavy rail systems.


California High Speed Rail

High Speed Rail is coming to California at last! In this article we take a look at where we are in the project, and at what is planned.


Light at the End of the Tunnel?

Ben Bernanke says, and we agree with him, that the recession is probably technically over. So can we heave a collective sigh of relief and expect the construction industry to recover as fast as it collapsed? We look back at the recession of the 1990's to see how that recovery progressed, to try and get a feel for how things might go this time.



Design consultant: Katie Levine of Vallance, Inc.